Top 7 Live Forex Signal Providers

Whether you’re a beginner or a trading expert, using live Forex signal providers is an absolute must if you want to start investing the smart way. Successful Forex trading is all about research and timing and, given the rapid pace at which the market changes, you might not always be on point. Using a live signal provider, you can free up your time to diversify your strategies and focus on finding new opportunities, while these providers perform the more tedious tasks of monitoring the market and providing you with timely insights.

What Is a Live Forex Signal?

A live Forex signal is a notification provided by a specialized company to alert its clients when the time is right to make a certain deal. Live signal providers regularly monitor the market and analyze data to provide clients with useful insights.

There are many signal providers out there, and choosing the top ones is difficult, to say the least. However, it is important to remember that not all are equally reliable. Some binary options signals are free, while others require a subscription. Below are our top choices when it comes to live Forex signals.

Forex TrendyForex trendy live forex signal provider

Forex Trendy is a complex system that constantly monitors 34 pairs of currency, day by day, each month of the year. Its clients receive charts regarding fluctuations in prices. The company highlights trends and patterns in market variations, so their customers know exactly when and what to trade.

The software uses intuitive visuals to represent the changes in the market. These graphs are a great way to quickly indicate useful patterns without the need of overly complicated study materials to understand what is going on. This is a very useful feature both for veterans who might not have the time to interpret valuable information from these in-depth charts. It’s also perfect for beginners who want to start trading as soon as possible.

Forex Signalsforex signals live forex signal provider

Forex Signals was created in 2012. Its owner, Nick McDonald, had begun trading Forex and was frustrated when he couldn’t find a dedicated platform to connect with other like-minded traders. He eventually developed the Forex Signals platform.

The company has grown quite a lot in the meantime. They have some of the best experts in the business working for them. Their clients can copy their trades via the Forex Signals trading room. They also offer special services to retailers, who can allocate a certain budget to the company’s professional traders to be invested on their behalf. Their customer-centric culture is one of their main assets.

Darwinexdarwinex live forex signal provider

The core principle behind Darwinex’s business strategy is to leave nothing to chance. That is why they offer their customers an extensive library of studies, data, and analytics they can look over to prepare their strategies.

But the most impressive feature of this platform is the community. They have a growing team of experts, known as Darwins, who provide constant insights to the company’s clients. And customers with consistently good results can become Darwins themselves.

The company also gives them the opportunity to participate in an online contest called Darwinia. Participants can receive cash rewards for profitable investments. The aim of the competition is to reward traders and further urges them to continue growing.

FX RenewFX Renew live forex signal provider

The FX Renew platform brings together tens of trading experts and industry insiders to provide clients with all of the necessary data and valuable trading signals to make their investments more profitable.

Their philosophy is geared towards empowering their customers to make the best deals they possibly can, whether they are just getting used to Forex trading or they are already well-versed in the market. They offer plenty instructional materials for beginners. They also have an intensive training program to help clients develop their own strategies. And these programs are headed by industry veterans.

If you’re not convinced FX Renew is the live trading signal provider for you, there is always the option of signing up for a free trial period. You will receive all of the signals a regular client would, completely free, for a limited period of time. If you don’t find it useful, you can unsubscribe any time you want.

Binary Matrix ProBinary Matrix Pro live forex signal provider

Binary Matrix Pro is an immensely efficient tool for those who focus on 60 seconds binary options trading. It is one of the quickest signal providers on the market. They also provide signals for 15, 30, or 60-minute binary options.

For those who prefer this strategy, Binary Matrix Pro can prove to be invaluable. The difficulty when investing in these types of very quick trades is staying constantly aware of the best opportunities. This tool will simplify your work immensely.

They also have a well-developed online community of traders. You can post your trading reports on their page. You will also have access to the reports of other users, even if you didn’t make yours available in return. Though it is best if you contribute since these reports allow the software to compile more accurate data.

Zulu TradeZulu Trade live forex signal provider

A live Forex signal provider that relies on the trading community to gain its insights obviously needs a large community for their data to be genuinely insightful. The size and expertise of their community make Zulu Trade one of the best live Forex signal providers out there.  They have millions of clients all over the world and a well-trained group of experts you can copy trades from. This also makes it one of the best social trading platforms.

To benefit from the opportunities offered by Zulu Trade, all you need to do is connect your Forex account to the platform. The results of your trades are published for the entire Zulu Trade community and company to see. Each time another trader copies your trades, you receive a reward. Likewise, you are free to copy any trades you find appealing on the community’s page.

OmniForex SignalsOmniForex live Forex signal provider

OmniForex has almost a decade of expertise behind it. Their experts, which include financial analysts, mathematicians, and computer scientists have worked all throughout this period to develop one of the most accurate prediction systems on the market.

Apart from this, their major selling point is that it’s incredibly easy to start using it. All you need is $1 to start trading. They also require a sign-up fee, but this fee is generally low since it often arrives with special offers. Make sure you check their website to see their current promotions.

These are our top picks for best live Forex signal providers. There probably many other solid options out there but these companies are a good place to start when looking for the perfect signal provider to suit your needs.

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