Instaforex Trader Review: How It Works

Instaforex is one of the most popular Forex trading companies in the world. It’s a relatively new business, but what they may perhaps lack in tradition, they more than make up for in innovation and a commitment to provide cutting edge trading technology and tools for all of their clients.

What Is Instaforex?

The company was founded in 2007 and quickly became one of the prominent Forex trading platforms. Just 3 years after it was founded, Instaforex partnered up with leading news outlets, such as Reuters, to provide their clients with up to date information. They were also the first company to allow their customers to transfer funds from their Instaforex accounts straight to their Visa cards. And they were the first to implement MetaTrader 5, currently the leading online trading platform. They are without a doubt one of the best Forex brokers.

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Instaforex Account Types

The company offers one basic type of account called an Insta.Standard trading account. This allows clients to trade freely on the Instaforex platform. As you gain more assets in your account, you will gain access to more and more options.

They also have an easy to use, low-risk type of account designed for clients who are still in the process of learning. It’s called Insta.Eurica.

Beginners can opt for the Cent.Standard and Cent.Eurica accounts. They allow users to perform micro-transactions. Clients can swap very small sums with minimal risk to get a feel for Forex trading until they’re ready to move on to a more complex account.

Instaforex also allows its customers to opt for Segregated accounts. With this option active, part of the money users gain via the trading platform is safely deposited in their own bank account. This means it will be unaffected by any company changes.

Users using the standard account can also activate the Swap-free option. With this option activated, only the changes in the exchange rate will affect a client’s gains. This is also commonly known as an Islamic account. It is designed for people who cannot use the swap function because of personal or religious reasons.

Instaforex Demo Accountinstaforex demo account screen

Instaforex does provide users with an option to open a risk-free demo account. In fact, the company advises choosing this option if you are new to the Forex trading market. They are prepared to offer assistance and help their clients learn the basics of Forex trading. Demo accounts are highly recommended for beginners who are not yet comfortable enough to start trading real money.

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Instaforex Bonus

The company offers a welcome bonus for every new client who opens a live account. They also offer traders points for every trade they make. Clients can then use the points they gained in the online store, and receive up to 50% off for the company’s products. They have one of the best no deposit bonus offers out there.

They have a large number of limited time offers and promotions users can take advantage of. The company also holds regular contests in which clients can win cash prizes.

Instaforex Minimum Deposit and Minimum Trade

The minimum deposit for opening a live trade account is $1, the lowest possible minimum deposit on the market. For the Cent.Standard and Cent.Eurica types of accounts, there is also a maximum deposit limit of $1,000. The minimum trade amount for the standard account is 0.01% of the lot.

Instaforex Withdrawalinstaforex-withdraw-deposit-bonus

Clients can withdraw their money using several methods. These include the standard ones, such as wire transfer and bank transfer. Instaforex provides its users with their own debit cards, for ePayments. The process of withdrawing money might seem needlessly complicated at first. It has several stages, but each stage is necessary to ensure the safety of the clients’ assets. Even if the account is hacked, your assets are still safe.

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Instaforex Binary Options Types

The platform offers 72 binary trading instruments, including currency and metals. Clients can bid on an option 60 seconds after it was made available. The standard increment for bidding is 5 minutes. For the first half hour, the increment is 1 minute. You can also cancel an option 3 minutes before its activation.

Instaforex App

Instaforex does provide an app that allows you to continue trading no matter where you are. Mobile apps are especially useful since you never know when a great opportunity might crop up. The app is optimized both for Android and iOS. products.

Instaforex Complaints

The company provides great customer care. There are numerous options when it comes to contacting client service, both online and offline. Their website provides clients with an opportunity to chat with Instaforex representatives. You can also email them, or call their tech support offices.

Is Instaforex Legit or Scam?

With over 2 million users worldwide, it’s safe to say Instaforex is one of the most popular and trustworthy Forex trading platforms out there. Their commitment to transparency and continuous innovation ensures that their clients will be working in a safe, reliable, and dynamic environment. The company has proven throughout the years that it is a secure trading platform for all of their clients, regardless of their level of expertise in the field of Forex trading. It has also shown it is one of the best social trading platforms.

Instaforex Pros and Cons

Instaforex Advantages

  • Provides numerous opportunities for beginners
  • They have a large selection of trading instruments – 21 currency pairs, Gold, Silver, and CFDs
  • Constantly in pursuit of cutting edge, innovative technological developments

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Instaforex Disadvantages

  • Relatively small variety of binary trading options
  • While there are plenty of opportunities for beginners, for more seasoned traders, there is not as much variety of options and opportunities

Successfully Trading with Instaforex

Trading with Instaforex is a breeze. Their website provides users with all of the information they could possibly need about Forex trading, from basic definitions and terms to more complex trading techniques. They have a team of dedicated experts from all over the world that are ready to provide their clients with the support and insights they need to succeed in the Forex trading market. And the company’s ongoing interest in research and innovation ensures all of their clients will have access to the most modern and innovative tools and technological developments.

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