EasyForex Review to Read Before Trading

EasyForex is a trading platform with a worldwide reach. It offers numerous trading opportunities, including binary options trading. The platform seems to be designed for more advanced traders, though they do offer a wide range of materials for beginners as well.  This platform is definitely worth considering when it comes to choosing a competitive Forex tool, with a wide selection of possibilities.

What Is EasyForex?

EasyForex offers its clients a wide selection of trading opportunities. It was established in 2003 and now operates in over 160 countries. It operates under the CySEC license, which guarantees its safe use. Their number one concern is the safety of their clients’ assets. To ensure maximum security, they have a number of measures set in place, as well as the numerous materials outlining the different risks traders might encounter on the Forex Market. It’s best if you also take the time to learn about the most common binary options scams.

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EasyForex Account Types

The company focuses on quick, easy trading experience. As such, they offer one basic type of account that covers all of the needs of a trader.

There is also a Premium account option. With this type of account activated, apart from all of the basic features included in the standard account, clients also have access to personal trainers and market analysts, as well as breaking news alerts and loyalty rebates.

The VIP account offers even more features than the Premium one, but at a much higher price.

All of these types of accounts support the Islamic option.

EasyForex Demo Accounteasyforex-trading-simulator

Since the company wants to ensure that their traders are well-prepared before they set out, they do offer a demo account option. This account can be found under the label “trading simulator.” This simulator is not only for beginners. They suggest experienced users use it as well to test out strategies before implementing them in real situations. The trading simulator works much like any free demo account.

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EasyForex Bonus

EasyForex gives their clients numerous opportunities to maximize their gains with the use of limited-time offers and promotions. They also hand out a bonus that can go up to $2,000 for new clients when they open a live account (the bonus is not intended for free demo accounts). Only users who deposit $100 or more upon activation are eligible for this bonus.

EasyForex Minimum Deposit and Minimum Trade

For the standard account, there is no minimum deposit sum to be paid for activation. After that, clients must add a minimum of $25. When it comes to trading, the minimum transaction size is $5,000.

For Premium accounts, the minimum deposit is $2,000 on activation, which grants users access to the features of this account. After that, the sum goes down to $250. The minimum trade sum is $50,000.

The VIP account has an opening minimum deposit of $20,000, with a minimum deal size of $100,000.

EasyForex Withdrawal

Withdrawing money from your EasyForex account to your personal bank account is a very rigorous process and can take up to a few days.

There are no hidden costs to withdrawing money. However, your bank might have their own taxes, so be sure to check with them before transferring money.

They do allow transfer of money from one currency to another, unlike other trading platforms. However, they notify their clients that additional fees might appear when moving money through this option.

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EasyForex Binary Options Types

Binary options are just one of the many trading opportunities handled by EasyForex. They offer a wide selection of currency pairs from all over the world, including all of the major ones. Using this platform, you can also trade in a wide variety of agricultural and energy commodities, and metals. If you are unfamiliar with how to trade binary options you could start with the basics, before moving on to these numerous alternatives.

EasyForex Appeasyforex-trading-app

The company wants to ensure its clients have everything they could need to make the process of trading as enjoyable and easy as possible. To this end, clients have access to an app that allows them to perform transactions anywhere they are. This way, EasyForex clients will never miss an opportunity, no matter when and where it may arise.

EasyForex Complaints

EasyForex provides with exceptional tech support. They also encourage their clients to leave feedback on their website. Most of the times, they can resolve issues on the spot. If the problem is more complex and EasyForex specialists cannot solve it immediately, they will send a letter within a maximum of 5 working days to assure clients that the issue is being looked into.

Is EasyForex Legit or Scam?

EasyForex is a highly trustworthy platform which operates under a CySEC license. The license was passported in the EU, Australia, and other major countries. It has numerous satisfied clients all around the world, and a genuine commitment to keeping those clients’ assets safe. It is safe to assert that EasyForex is a good, solid choice when it comes to Forex trading platforms.

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EasyForex Pros and Cons

EasyForex Advantages

  • High levels of security
  • Plenty of exciting opportunities for seasoned traders
  • Easy to use app and interface
  • A large selection of helpful materials, such as studies and video tutorials
  • It incentivizes its clients to make the most out of their trades

EasyForex Disadvantages

  • The platform seems to be geared mainly towards experienced traders
  • There aren’t as many options for beginners, though their website does offer tips on how to get started

Successfully Trading with EasyForex

EasyForex is a fantastic platform option for experienced Forex traders who want to diversify their trading opportunities. The interface of the platform is designed for maximum efficiency and ease of use, making the whole trading experience much more enjoyable. Unfortunately, it might be off-putting for beginners. But it does offer the means to learn the basics of the trade quickly and a safe environment in which to practice, using the trading simulator tool.

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