Boss Capital Review and How Does It Work

Are you looking for a trustworthy trading company? Search no more! Even though Boss Capital is new on the market, it has already gained a lot of popularity among both beginner and experienced traders. It was founded in 2014, in Gibraltar, and it offers more than 150 trading assets.

What is Boss Capital?

Even though this is one of the newest trading companies on the market, it has already achieved a lot of popularity and respect among brokers. With a top-notch trading platform, Boss Capital provides a secure experience. The company is well-equipped to offer its clients the maximum profitability rates.

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It was launched in 2014, and it is based in Gibraltar. Except the United States of America, all the other nationalities have the possibility to trade through this platform. They accept a wide range of currencies like US dollars, euros, English pounds, Australian dollars, yens, and more.

Boss Capital Account Types

The company offers plenty of membership options:

  • Standard. The minimum deposit is 200 dollars. It will offer you access to the entire range of basic trading options. If you are new to the trading world, this account is the perfect one for you.
  • Bronze. If you open this account, you will receive a welcoming bonus of up to 20 percent of your investment. For a minimum deposit of 1,000 dollars, you will be provided with free webinars and the support of a trading analyst.
  • Silver. Both the welcoming bonus and the minimum deposit are higher in this case. You will be required to place at least 4,000 dollars into your account. The initial bonus can rise to 40 percent. Also, you will have access to two risk-free trades.
  • Gold. When you open this type of account, you will be rewarded with up to 65 percent bonuses. You will benefit from the help of a personal account manager. Not only you will have up to 80 percent payouts, but you will also receive five risk-free trades. This level is specially created for expert traders.
  • VIP. This is the most exclusive account type. It requires a high minimum deposit, of 100,000 dollars. If you want to be part of the elite, and you can afford it, this is the right account for you. To receive access to the VIP account, you must first get in touch with their Corporate Division.

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 Boss Capital Demo Account

The demo account is an important competitive advantage. It is useful to open this type of account before trading real money. This why, you will learn how the platform works without the risk of losing your investment. Especially when you a beginner, through a demo account, you can gain more experience while improving your trading skills.

So, why should you use the Boss Capital demo account? Through it, you can trade plenty of assets such as commodities, currencies, indices, all over the globe. Many of the existing brokers offer only around 150 assets with their demo account. Boss Capital provides over 200, many of which are international stocks.

If you are wondering how you can start a demo account, we got the answer. The process is simple. You need to open an account and place a 200-dollar deposit. This is available for when you are paying with your credit card. If you choose to use bank transfers, the minimum deposit will be 500 dollars.

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Boss Capital Bonus

Once you enroll to their platform, you become eligible for a bonus. The initial sign-up bonus can reach up to 50 percent. If you place a minimum deposit of 200 dollars, you will receive a 30 percent welcome bonus. The maximum level is the 50 percent reward which is offered for a minimum of 50,000 dollars deposited into your account.

All these benefits are handed out by Boss Capital as a manner of saying thank you to those who enroll with their company. The bonuses are not the only incentives given by the trading firm. They also provide plenty of assets to trade from.

Boss Capital Minimum Deposit and Minimum Trade

Whether you use US dollars, English pounds or euros, the minimum deposit is 200 units. You can create this deposit by using your credit card or through bank transfer. There are also other payment options such as CashU or Neteller. The recommended way to place the money into a new account is by credit card. This is the fastest method. It is also easy and reliable. After that, you can start the trading activity in only a couple of minutes.

When it comes to the minimum trade, Boss Capital is situated among the companies with the lowest level of investment. You can make a profitable investment with only 25 dollars. If you have the possibility, you can invest up to 15,000 dollars, but no more than that. By doing these trades, you can receive up to 89 percent return.

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Boss Capital Withdrawal

The firm’s withdrawal procedure is pretty simple and offers you a pleasant and stress-free experience. Before any withdrawal, the firm’s representatives recommend their client to check their accounts. This way, you will be more relaxed. To verify your account, you must provide several documents to prove your identity. It is nothing too complicated.

For you, this procedure might seem like a useless bureaucracy, but it is something that all the licensed trading companies do. This is what shows you they are serious and trustworthy. When it comes to the withdrawal speed, it may vary depending on your account type. It usually lasts a couple of minutes to a maximum of 72 hours.

Boss Capital Binary Options Types

The company’s popularity is constantly increasing due to its many perks, including the wide range of binary options types:

  • Boundary trading. The trader has to make a decision at the moment in which the asset’s value is situated close to a boundary strike position.
  • High/Low. In this case, you will just have to predict whether continue with the existing trend or reverse the procedure.
  • One Touch. You will trade an asset only if it reaches a pre-established value.

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Boss Capital App

Boss Capital is a modern trading company. Its platform is mobile-friendly. Their dedicated mobile app has easy-to-use graphics and an overall comprehensive interface. With this app, you can now gain profits even when you are on the road. The entire concept is created to fit any mobile device perfectly.

It works quite similar to the web-based platform. This means that you will have access to a 24/7 customer support. Also, all the devices will sync, by using this app. You will only need to log in once. Then, you will be able to access the app from your mobile phone, tablet; you name it.

Boss Capital Complaints

If you have any complaint related to the way the platform works, you will be able to get in touch with the company’s representatives right away. Boss Capital provides a 24/7 customer care support. You might be impressed to find out the help desk is available in more than ten languages.

You can call them and talk to them directly, or you can choose to contact the company via e-mail. On their website, you will find a live chat room, through which you can speak to a firm’s employee, anytime, anywhere.

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Is Boss Capital Legit or Scam?

Even though Boss Capital is not a licensed broker yet, it is a reliable trading company. It has proven to be so over these couple of years since it is on the market. No serious complaints were made since its launch. The firm provides a great customer service and a high response rate.

How can you make sure they are legit? Well, for starters, they use the TechFinancials platform, which gives all trades an extra safeness. It is not a scam. It doesn’t show any evidence of dubious activities.

Boss Capital Pros and Cons

Like any other binary options organization, Boss Capital has both pros and cons:

Boss Capital Advantages

  • With Boss Capital, you will receive great returns on investment.
  • Their initial bonuses are bigger than those of other trading companies.
  • They offer a wide range of trading assets.
  • The minimum investment is only 25 dollars.

Boss Capital Disadvantages

There are not many weaknesses when it comes to Boss Capital. Some of you might consider that their education center is not as good as it should be. However, they still offer plenty of educational materials as well as free webinars to their registered members.

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Successfully Trading with Boss Capital

All in all, Boss Capital is recommended by many traders and professionals. It is a reliable and safe trading platform. It provides a lot of benefits and perks to all their clients. The higher your account level is, the more advantages you will have.

This company offers improved services, a great selection of trading assets, plenty of account types, and an excellent customer care. Whether you are just starting in this domain, of you are already a professional trader, Boss Capital is a good choice to enroll in the binary options’ market.

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