Binary Options Canada – Top 10 Options

If you are interested in trading possibilities on the Canadian market, then you should know there are plenty of opportunities out there. You just have to choose the right broker for your needs. Fortunately, you can test different binary options Canada companies and pick the one you like most.

binary options canada with canadian dollars

Before starting your activity on the trading market, you must find as many details as you can about the companies you are interested in. This is why we have gathered information about the most popular brokers in Canada.

Top 10 Best Binary Options Canada

There are plenty of options when it comes to finding an automated trading service. Luckily, most of the binary options Canada companies offer demo accounts. This way, you can try some of them to see where you feel most comfortable to operate trades.

The Canuck Method

This is one of the newest binary options Canada software. It uses a modern technology that helps you manage your investments. However, they seem to have a low rate on Google Trends. This makes it a controversial topic. Some are not sure if this binary option is legit or it is just another scam.

Many customers are attracted by the Canuck Method because of its fast earnings opportunities. Make sure you read all the terms and conditions before initiating any trading activity through this software. A minimum deposit of 250 dollars is necessary to start using the program.

The bonus offer reaches up to 1,000 dollars. All in all, the Canuck Method is not a scam. There is plenty of transparency when it comes to your trades. You will be able to follow all the activity in live sessions. Even though this market can present some risks, where there is versatility there is also a higher chance of more significant returns on investments.

Millionaire Blueprint

Millionaire Blueprint is part of the new modern binary options Canada apps. You can download it for free, and it offers a completely automated service. They require a minimum deposit of 200 dollars. So far, according to its clients, the ratio of completed trades is quite high.

Furthermore, the Millionaire Blueprint provides good customer care as well as many educational materials. However, make sure you have a strong Internet connection when using this app. This app proved it isn’t a scam, and you can operate secure trades on it.

The best feature of the app that makes it stand out among its competitors is its fully automated system. Even though the website seems pretty convincing, many people still have their doubts regarding binary options trading, which they consider to be too risky.


24OptionThe 24Option trading software provides top notch trading possibilities. Furthermore, it’s one of the most popular binary options Canada companies. The minimum deposit that every new client must give is 250 dollars. It is a good deal considering the bonus level is 100 percent.

The platform works both on web-based devices and mobile phones. Since its launch, the interface of the website kept on improving in a very well-organized way. It offers a simple, user-friendly design as well as some interesting and useful tool.

24Option offers four types of trades, from classic binaries to short term trading operations. Moreover, you can choose from several account possibilities. There are the following account types: standard, gold, platinum, and diamond.

Boss Capital

Boss CapitalBoss Capital was recently launched, and it already competes with some of the best binary options Canada programs. It offers more than 200 assets that customers can trade on the market. Furthermore, it gives its clients the opportunity to go through some tutorials. This way, their trading potential improves, and the chances of high earnings increase.

Boss Capital has a fast withdrawal time and has created an excellent help desk service. Even though they started in 2014, they aimed for great goals right from the start. The software has a demo account available for the new traders, and the minimum deposit requested in 250 dollars.

The account options are quite similar to its competitors, but Boss Capital has a VIP account instead of a Platinum one. The welcome bonus varies, depending on which type of account you have. The smallest bonus is 20 percent, for the bronze account. The highest welcome bonus reaches up to more than 65 percent for gold and VIP accounts.

Fast Cash

This trading software differentiates itself by offering fast returns on investment. However, the website is not that impressive, and the introductory video you have to watch lasts a little too long. It is one of the most easily customizable binary options Canada sites.

However, Fast Cash is not entirely automated. You will need to stay in front of a computer to operate your transactions. It requires a powerful Internet connection to work properly. Using this tool to trade assets and commodities has a certain level of risk due to the market’s unpredictable characteristics.

Fast Cash is a reliable system that can function whether you have a big capital at your disposal, or you provide a small amount of money. Moreover, the program gives you the opportunity to use the signals immediately by just connecting to a web browser. Its minimum deposit reaches 250 dollars.

Banc De Binary

Banc de BinaryThis is an investment trading company that focuses mainly on binary options. Its main competitive advantage is the possibility to trade the lowest amount of money in the market. They offer plenty of perks and bonuses.

On the downside, the withdrawal operation takes a little bit longer than expected, even up to one week. However, the general withdrawal takes only a couple of days. The platform is user-friendly and continuously updated. Its demo account gives the new traders the chance of strong, reliable training.

The interface is optimized for mobile devices, and the entire program has many interesting and useful features. Banc de Binary offers the following trading tools: Call/Put, 60 seconds, pair options and special options. Its minimum deposit level is 250 dollars.


Using this trading software, you will achieve profitability rates situated between 56 and 85 percent. Opteck offers a demo account for its new customers, as well as plenty top notch tools. The minimum deposit is 250 dollars.

Opteck has created mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices. It was launched in 2011, and it has become one of the most successful binary options Canada companies. Even more, the firm has a multilingual customer service.

For the first deposit, they offer a 50 percent welcome bonus. However, you can obtain up to 100 percent bonuses during their promotional periods. One of their greatest competitive advantages is their free comprehensive e-book.


This free trading software’s success rate is situated around 80-90 percent. The minimum trade amount is only 5 dollars. Binadroid works on a private cloud-based platform. Therefore, you won’t have to download anything. You will need 250 dollars to fund and start your account.

Binadroid is a well-known regulated broker. Through this trading software, you will be able to choose any broker you want. In addition, the system provides a lot of daily signals, and you can set the program to work automatically, or semi-automatically. This software’s interface is very versatile and offers you complete control as well as transparency.

Occupy Wall St.

Even though Occupy Wall St. looks similar to all the other binary options Canada companies, it has some advantages that differentiate it from its competitors. For example, the site presents a specialized revolutionary language to promote its program. The name of this software comes from the former leader of the movement with the same name.

The smallest deposit can be 100 dollars. The company claims that its customers can gain up to 3,000 dollars per month. You can download the app for free. Moreover, the bonus option can reach up to 1,000 dollars.

Another interesting thing about this trading software is that it will return your money back in 60 days, in the case in which you are not satisfied with the way it works. All the operations are completely transparent, and you don’t need any previous experience to handle the transactions.


Similar to most of the other competitors, Redwood has a minimum deposit of 250 dollars. The minimum trade level is only 10 dollars, while the maximum return on investment can reach up to 81 percent.

Redwood is a modern platform that was upgraded in 2014. Furthermore, the company created an educational department, where customers can attend live webinars, and read trading e-books.

On this interface, you can trade things such as commodities, indices, and stocks. Redwood’s expiry times starts at 60 seconds and goes up to six months.

Final Words

As you can see, there are plenty of choices to pick from when it comes to binary options Canada programs. Most of them require a starting deposit of 200-250 dollars. Furthermore, many of these companies have a minimum trade level starting from 1 dollar and reaching up to 10-15 dollars.

However, all these things and features may vary depending on the type of account you choose to create. Many binary options Canada companies provide several account formats, from classic ones to gold or even platinum accounts.

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