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Are you looking for ways to earn money in a short period? If you are not afraid of risks, then you should give binary options Australia companies a try. You just have to create an account on one of these platforms, and you will get access to plenty of assets and other trading opportunities.

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Best 10 Binary Options Australia Companies

We have put together 10 of the most popular and successful binary options Australia companies. This way, it will be easier for you to make a decision and choose the one that best suits your needs as well as preferences.


TradeRushThe minimum deposit level is 200 Australian dollars, while the maximum bonus can reach up to 100 percent. Its payout rate is situated around 81 percent. Every customer has a free withdrawal each month. If you want to make more, you will have to pay a 30-dollar fee for every additional withdraw.

Because it is a risky market, TradeRush has had its share of complaints as well as praises. However, going through all the controversial aspects of the platform, we have reached the conclusion that TradeRush is completely legit.

TradeRush portal has modern features and allows you to initiate trade operations instantly. One of the most common binary options that TradeRush uses is the 60-second trade. However, this is not a competitive advantage, because many other trading companies use the same method. Furthermore, the platform doesn’t offer the possibility to create a demo account, which can be a bit disappointing, especially for the new traders.

Boss Capital

Boss CapitalBoss Capital is a popular binary options Australia company, which offers 24/7 customer support, through its live chat. If you decide to create an account on this portal, you will be required to set an initial deposit of 200 Australian dollars.

This binary options Australia company offers its customers a maximum payout level of 85 percent, along with 100 percent bonuses. Their deposits rely on credit or debit cards like MasterCard or American Express. However, there are also other ways in which you can create a deposit such as wire transfer and CashU.

Boss Capital offers the following types of trading methods:

  • High/Low method. It is called this way because the trader predicts whether the price will go up or if it will decrease. Therefore, the client will invest according to this prediction.
  • Boundary. With this method, the trader will have to predict whether an asset will remain below a certain price level.
  • One Touch Option. This is the exactly opposite of the boundary option, described above. Therefore, a customer will have to estimate if an asset will reach or go above a certain price level.
  • Short Term Option. This is the equivalent of the 60-second method.


CherryTradeCherry Trade Logo is one of the binary options companies in Australia that offers five different account types:

  • Classic. This minimum deposit is 200 dollars.
  • Pro. This account requires a starting deposit level of 2,500 dollars.
  • Gold. This is one of the premium accounts, and you will need to provide a deposit of 6,500 dollars.
  • VIP. In this case, the amount of the initial deposit increases significantly up to 50,000 dollars.
  • Corporate. The corporate account requires the customer to provide a minimum amount of 100,000 dollars.

CherryTrade offers a modern and user-friendly interface as well as plenty of options when it comes to transaction methods. You can use debit or credit cards, and you can choose to transfer the money through the bank, and more. However, this portal lacks a demo account.

Magnum Options

Magnum OptionsThis binary options Australia platform offers a payout level of around 75-80 percent, while requiring a minimum deposit of 200 dollars. The company is based on a lot of experience and reputable history.

One of its main competitive traits is the wide range of binary options. Magnum provides almost everything, from 60-second trades to One Touch and High/Low methods.

Furthermore, according to many of its clients, Magnum Options has plenty of flexibility in every step of the trading process. Its bonus perks can reach up to 100 percent. A good competitive strategy was to create a demo account to offer to the new traders.


Opteck was founded in 2011, on a Market Pulse platform. Customers have access to more than 100 assets on the trading market. The portal requires an initial deposit of 250 dollars. The program has created six types of accounts, besides the demo version:

  • The minimum deposit is situated between 250 and 499 dollars. It offers the clients complete daily analysis as well as an e-book with binary options educational content.
  • Bronze. In this case, the smallest deposit is 500-999 dollars, and the bonus level is around 35 percent.
  • Silver. The required amount of money that you must deposit increases when it comes to this type of account. You have to bring between 1,000 and 4,999 dollars to start your trading activity. The bonus rate is 45 percent.
  • Gold. The bonus level increases significantly, reaching up to a rate of 65 percent. You will be required to come up with a 5,000-9,999 dollars’ deposit. Also, it becomes a more personalized type of account.
  • Platinum. This account requires you to deposit a minimum 10,000 dollars. If you want, you can even give up to 24,999 dollars to build your account. The bonuses rate is quite high, reaching 85 percent.
  • Black. The smallest deposit is equal to the platinum one. However, the bonus can reach up to 100 percent. At this point, the customer service is almost completely customized and personalized for each client. The number of daily signals will be 40 or 50.


This is one of the binary options Australia companies that requires a minimum deposit of 200 dollars. However, the smallest investment can be as low as 10 dollars. Even though Redwood offers a bilingual customer support and live chat, it doesn’t have a demo account opportunity.

The platform has three main account types:

  • Redwood Mini. For a minimum deposit of 200-999 dollars, you will receive a 30 percent bonus rate. Other perks are a free phone number and live chat as well as regular market reviews.
  • Redwood Executive. Both bonuses and initial deposits are increasing when it comes to the executive account. As a client, you will be required to place between 1,000 and 4,999 dollars in your account. Then, you will receive a bonus rate of up to 70 percent. Furthermore, every executive customer has the right to make one risk-free trade. An account manager will be assigned to you, so you will be able to receive professional advice.
  • Redwood Gold. For a 100 percent bonus, you must create a minimum deposit of 5,000-10,000 dollars. The Gold account is the premium one, offering you the chance to withdraw money in one business day. The professional knowledge you will receive will be from a senior account manager. Moreover, you will now have the chance to make not one but five risk-free trading operations.


topoption binary options australia

With TopOption, you have the possibility to receive three types of bonuses: starter bonus which, pro bonus, and VIP bonus. The company’s profitability rate is situated between 72 and 85 percent. There are three types of account which have the same names as the previously described bonuses.

  • Starter account. This account’s deposits can begin at 100 dollars and reach up to 249 dollars. The bonuses you will receive can go up to 250 dollars.
  • Pro account. This account’s holders can even get a 500-dollar bonus. The smallest deposit is 250 dollars while the maximum one reaches up to 999 dollars.
  • VIP account. Being a VIP client, you may receive up to 2,500 dollar bonuses. However, the minimum account is 1,000 dollars.

The trade types that TopOption offers are the following: 60 seconds, classic binary options, one touch, and more.

Option Rally

Option Rally requires a minimum deposit of 200 dollars and offers a payout range between 78 and 500 percent. There are no fees or commissions charged when creating a new account.

This trading program has created four types of accounts for their customers:

  • Mini trading account. This is a good option for new traders because it doesn’t involve a lot of risks. The smallest deposit is 250 dollars, and it qualifies for a starter bonus of 15 percent. Redeposit bonuses are 10 percent each.
  • Standard account. The welcome bonus for this type of account reaches up to 20 percent, while the redeposit one is 10 percent for every time you place a new sum of money for either creating a new deposit or resupplying the existing one.
  • Executive trading account. When it comes to the executive account, the initial bonus is 25 percent. However, the redeposit one remains the same as in the accounts described above.
  • VIP Club account. This account offers some exclusive benefits such as free access to a private business club. To welcome you, they will offer a 30 percent initial perk while the redeposit bonus is 15 percent.


With OptionsXO you will have to place an initial deposit of 250 dollars. Furthermore, the company offers four type of accounts: the standard which is the mini account, silver, gold, and platinum account. The last one is also the premium and most expensive one:

  • Mini. There are no fees or commissions when creating this account. The minimum initial deposit is 250 dollars. As a client, you will receive a 24/7 customer support.
  • Silver. By creating this type of account, you will get a supplementary 2 percent return for every trade operation. The smallest deposit is 2,000 dollars.
  • Gold. Even though the minimum deposit increases significantly, reaching the sum of 5,000 dollars, you will get an additional return on investment of three percent.
  • Platinum. As a premium client, you will get the help and guidance of trading experts, as well as a 4 percent additional return on investment.

The return on investment rate can reach up to 89 percent. Another appealing trait of this platform is its customer support service, available in eight different languages. OptionsXO provides plenty of great learning content as well as a user-friendly interface. The maximum investment is 10,000 dollars while the smallest amount of invested money can be even 10 dollars.


uBinary is one of the binary options Australia companies that require an initial deposit of 250 dollars. In exchange, they offer a 30 percent welcome bonus. The platform has created five main types of customer’s accounts:

  • Micro account. Having this option, you can place between 250 and 499 dollars into your deposit. For this level, the company offers a 20 percent welcome bonus.
  • Mini account. To gain access to this type of account, you will be required to deposit between 500 and 999 dollars. The bonus level reaches up to 25 percent.
  • Standard account. If you want to accede into the standard account, you will have to place a 1,000-4,999 dollars’ deposit. The welcome bonus is 30 percent.
  • Gold account. If you choose to create a gold account, you will be required to pay between 5,000 and 9,999 dollars for a new deposit. The initial bonus can go up to 40 percent.
  • Platinum account. This is the premium account type which offers you a bonus of 50 percent. However, the smallest deposit starts at 10,000 dollars.


All the binary options Australia companies provide a large number of benefits and perks. However, as a trading customer, you must be careful where you place your money. First, make sure you find as much information as possible about each platform.

Even though it is true the trading market comes with a certain level of risk, there are also plenty of opportunities for both new and experienced traders. Don’t worry if you are just beginning in this field. Most of the companies provide training and educational tools and content.

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