Bforex Trading Review: Is It Scam or Legit?

Bforex is a Forex trading company whose goal is to provide their clients with a user-friendly and highly efficient trading tools. Their experts are always ready to offer users with advice and solutions tailored to their needs. The company also provides tutorials and studies to further help traders learn the basics of Forex trading, develop better strategies and achieve their goals.

What Is Bforex?

Bforex is a company dedicated to providing its customers with independence and flexibility when it comes to operating on the Forex market. They seek to empower Forex traders by providing them with versatile technology tools, as well as access to learning materials and rigorous research. Their core company value is customer centricity.

Bforex Account Types

The standard Bforex trading account is the PROfit Account. With this account activated, users gain access to the online trading platform software. They can also benefit from 24/7 customer support, a news feed that provides constant updates and instant trade execution. Clients also have access to trade charts to better guide their trading strategies. This type of account works very well alongside a binary options signal provider.

Bforex Demo Account

Bforex is well-aware of the specific needs of beginners. That is why they also provide a demo account option. With this activated, users can test out different features offered by the company’s platform without any risk. Clients are free to experiment with their strategies until they are comfortable enough to move on to a live account.

Bforex Bonusbforex promotions and bonuses

The company offers a bonus for first-time clients. The value of the bonus depends on the value of the first deposit. Namely, the more money the client deposits when they open their account, the larger the bonus is going to be. The total value of the bonus cannot exceed $10,000, however.

Clients who have already opened accounts can also benefit from the Refer-A-Friend bonus. Users must have an active account to be eligible. For each friend who opens a new account, the client can receive a credit equal to 50% of their friends’ first deposit.

Bforex Minimum Deposit and Minimum Trade

To open an account, new clients must first deposit $100, or the equivalent sum in GBP or Euro. The more money they place into their account on activation, the higher their bonus will be. Compared to other Forex trading platforms, the minimum deposit might seem rather large, but it can be offset by the size of the bonus.

The minimum trade sum, however, more than compensates. The company has one of the lowest minimum trade rates on the Forex market, with just 0.025 of the standard lot.

Bforex Withdrawal

To ensure the safety of their clients’ funds, the withdrawal process has several security steps that must be completed before successfully withdrawing money. First, users must login into their account and register the withdrawal. Then, they must send the Bforex customer service department a series of documents, including a copy of their ID card or passport and a copy of a recent utility bill. They must also read and sign the Bforex agreement document and send it together with the other documents mentioned.

Bforex Binary Options Types

The platform is optimized for maximum efficiency when it comes to trading options. As such, clients can use the Call/Put option for instant gains. However, they do not allow 60-second trades. Their platform is oriented more towards strategists.

The platform allows clients to trade in a large number of currency pairs, both well-established ones, such as USD, GBP, and Euro, as well as exotic ones from all around the world.

Bforex Appbforex profit platform and app

The unique platform the company offers can be used both on desktops and mobile devices. The app itself has a fully customizable interface with a user-friendly design. Features can be optimized based on the skill level of the user. The designers have put a lot of work into making the trading experience as easy and intuitive as possible, both for beginners and seasoned traders. Thus, depending on how at ease clients are with the subtleties of the Forex market, they can customize their app to display the features they need.

Bforex Complaints

The company offers customer support in several languages, including English, Hindi, French, and Spanish. Clients can contact customer care representatives 24/7 using the online customer support features. They can also reach the company 24 hours a day, 5 days a week on the phone. Bforex places its clients at the center of their business concerns and is more than happy to provide them with all the necessary advice and support, as well as respond to feedback and complaints.

Is Bforex Legit or Scam?

The company is regulated by CySEC and has been operating for nearly 10 years. It has a number of policies in place to ensure clients perform trades safely, with minimal risks. On opening a new account, the first 5 trades are guaranteed by the company. In the case of a loss, clients receive back all the money they invested. Each operation on their platform is also verified with several security steps. With these security policies in place, you can be sure you are not running into the known Forex scams other platforms perform.

Bforex Pros and Cons

Bforex Advantages

  • Customer centric company culture
  • Mobile app is customizable and user-friendly
  • They are aware of the different needs of beginners and experienced traders

Bforex Disadvantages

  • Somewhat lacking in variety
  • The bonus levels for opening a new account are unclear

Successfully Trading with Bforex

Bforex is one of the few Forex trading companies that truly makes an effort to cater both to beginners and experienced users. For this reason, it could easily fit into any list of top platforms for Forex trading beginners.While their option types might be lacking in diversity, their focus on creating an enjoyable trading experience makes up for it. Regardless of their level of experience, all clients are sure to find this platform a valuable trading tool.

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