7 Best Binary Options Signals for Forex Trading in 2016

Those of you who are not new in the trading field, already know that binary signals are those indicators which show whether you should invest in a certain trade or not. The best binary options signals are created by the most reliable and professional experts. In this post, we will elucidate things such as the meaning of binary options signals, types of signals, and the best providers you can find on the trading market.

What Is a Binary Options Signal?

These elements were initially created for foreign exchange markets exclusively. They were developed to help traders foresee potential changes in the currency pairs’ future value. From currency trading, signals were transferred and used in the binary options trading. Moreover, these two types of trading areas are quite similar. The best binary options signals can be utilized not only for currencies but also for other assets such as indices, commodities, and more.

Main Types of Binary Options Signals

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#1. Free Signals

These are a type of signals that investors usually share on forums as examples. They can be useful especially if you are a beginner in the trading field. On the other hand, you should treat them with great caution because the online environment is a free way of advertising. Anyone can say anything they like without having real evidence of what they are saying.

#2. Paid Signals

Paid binary options signals are provided by service providers who publish them under their own name in order to earn money. There is also another type of paid signals: those that are offered by well-known companies. When it comes to the first example, usually the service providers like to keep a certain part of the strategy for themselves. This means they will only share the final result. Regarding the second type of paid signals, those offered by companies, things are much easier and safer. These businesses have a lot of years of experience and plenty of satisfied clients.

#3. Trading Software Signals

This final type of signals is quite similar to a stock trading software. It is used by investment banks, and it is a great choice for newbies. Trading software signals are fully automated and easy to use. Make sure you find those robots that are free of charge, especially if you don’t want to invest a lot of money into this activity.

Important Features of the Best Binary Options Signals

Before choosing a provider, make sure your signals have certain features. The best binary options signals contain the following important particularities:

  • Automatic stop-loss. Usually, an investor sets the limit of his daily loss. Automated software takes care of this aspect without your input. This is why, you must find a trustworthy platform that is totally legit. A reliable automatic stop-loss option will grant you peace of mind.
  • Comprehensive trading history data. This option is highly important to show you whether your past trades and investments were profitable or not. All these will be made public for all the traders to see. After all, if the application truly works, there’s no need to hide anything.
  • Signal provider interaction possibility. It is essential to be able to contact the providers’ representatives as easy as possible. Details such as phone number, e-mail address, live chat rooms, and others are crucial elements. This way, the provider’s credibility increases significantly, and the clients are highly satisfied.
  • Free trial period. Some of the best binary options signals providers offer trial periods. This way, they show to all investors that their product is useful and reliable. It is a great way to gather valuable insights and feedback from clients to further improve the company’s services.
  • Compatible with reliable brokers. All trustable signal providers should make sure that their platforms are compatible with legitimate broker sites. Clients are always looking for trusted signals to use in order to avoid major losses. Usually, the best brokers are those with a lot of years of experience.

The Best Binary Options Signals Providers

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1. OptionRobot Signals

With OptionRobot Signals, your deposit is safe and secure, and it takes only one minute to join in. Their average winning rate is situated around 83 percent. This software is well-known for offering some of the most reliable and trustable brokers to choose from. Among these brokers, there are Banc de Binary and GOptions. Clients trust OptionRobot because their broker portfolio is full of transparent and regulated companies. Moreover, you can choose up to eight different trades at the same time.

2. AutomatedBinary Signals

Even though a lot of newly launched trading signals providers turned out to be scams, AutomatedBinary is a reliable and legitimate company. They offer you the possibility of setting your trade size. You can choose safe or classic money management type, which allows you to invest between five and 500 dollars. The other two types of options are compound and accurate. The first one requires you to double your investment after a loss, while the second type uses the Golden ratio.

3. Binary Option Robot Signals

This provider offers its clients some of the best binary options signals available on the trading market. It has a portfolio of trusted brokers, and it gives its customers sophisticated algorithms. Also, its high winning ratio will impress you. Another good news is that you don’t need to have a lot of experience in this field because Binary Option Robot offers end products and easy access. You won’t have to negotiate in order to gain access to signals or brokers. You can use as many traders as you want because there’s no limitation whatsoever.

4. Signals365

Because there are a lot of different needs and expectations when it comes to investors, Signals365 has updated and adjusted its activity and services, providing auto trading signals, even to those clients who like to receive them without actually doing auto trades. This website’s experts developed a modern software that generates signals through tested technical methods. You don’t have to worry that you’ll miss one because an alert is automatically sent to you once a new signal is available. In one day, you will receive more than 100 of the best binary options signals.

5. UpDown Signals

This is considered to be a less risky signal provider that allows you to have the final decision on what trades you want to make. For a monthly fee, you can receive daily signals from UpDown company. What is different about this software is the fact that it doesn’t send signals throughout an entire trading day like all the other providers. Instead, it sends them in specific time frames. Its unique features differentiate it from the competitors and establish a real competitive edge. When you sign up, you will gain access to a trial period which costs only 25 dollars. Monthly accounts cost 97 dollars.

6. Algobit Signal Trading

Algobit uses complex algorithms that work together to analyze huge data amounts including charts and technical graphs. Therefore, this system can offer reliable predictions about future price action. This provider offers you access to a lot of assets such as indices, stocks, commodities, and even forex pairs. All their features and options were made to give clients more control over their investments. You can choose from short and long-term options. The registration process is simple and quick, and there is no fee attached to it. One thing might surprise you about this provider. With Algobit, you can receive signals from only one broker, which is Option Bit.

7. Night Owl Binary Option Signals

Night Owl signal provider offers some of the best binary options signals available on the market. It isn’t just another regular platform. According to its representatives, this is an online trading room where you can see live actions, and you can duplicate what expert traders do. On the other hand, some clients are annoyed with the jargon vocabulary the site uses. The Night Owl is available for all traders no matter where they are. Of course, you will need to take into consideration the time zone. If you’re a low budget trader, this platform is not for you. You will have to pay a fee of 87 dollars once every two weeks.

Bringing It All Together

Finding a reliable and trustable signal provider can be tricky. Fortunately, we have found enough information to help you make wiser decisions when it comes to forex trading companies. The platforms described above offer the best binary options signals you can find. Most of them have innovative techniques and features, and they even send alerts every time a new signal appears. Find out as many details as possible about a certain company before registering with it.

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