Alpari Forex Review: Is It a Scam or Not?

As one of the largest and oldest companies in the Forex industry, Alpari Forex should definitely be on top of the list of choices. Before deciding whether to make use of this platform or not, it’s best to look at what they offer more in-depth.

What Is Alpari Forex?

Alpari Forex has over 17 years of experience in the Forex Industry. According to their website, they have over one million clients from over 150 countries all around the world. The company was also one of the founding members of the National Association of Forex Dealers (NAFD). It is one of the best Canada Forex brokers as well.

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Alpari Forex Account Types

Alpari offers two types of accounts. The basic is simply called a trading account. To open this type of account, the minimum deposit is 1 USD or the equivalent in other currencies. The trading account offers access to all of the Alpari’s trading options, plus their Cashback feature.

The other type of account is the Premium. In addition to the features offered by the trading account, Premium status also grants you access to a personal manager and financial consultant and free training. Clients with Premium accounts also benefit from increased limits on the offers that are part of the Cashback program.

You can become a Premium client once you have over 50,000 USD in your MyAlpari account (or the equivalent in another currency). Your eligibility is reassessed every week.

Alpari Forex Demo Accountalpari-demo-account

Alpari allows users to open free demo accounts as most reliable platforms. The trading experience is quite similar to the real one. Registering for a demo account can also provide you with access to training courses. The interface is user-friendly, and you’ll have all of the functionalities you would have in a basic account. The demo account does not use real money. However, they do have competitions which offer cash prizes.

Alpari Forex Bonus

Alpari features a wide array of bonuses and offers. As mentioned earlier, you can receive a Premium account once you’ve earned over 50,000 USD across your Alpari accounts. You can also earn points by trading and investing. You can then spend these points to get money back on swaps, through their Cashback loyalty program.

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Demo accounts are eligible for contests which offer real cash prizes, in spite of the fact that demo accounts do not trade in real money.

Alpari Forex Minimum Deposit and Minimum Trade

The minimum deposit to open a standard Alpari account is $1. It’s a very low starting deposit which makes an ideal platform for beginners, especially since it provides its clients with so many useful tutorials and training courses.

To obtain a Premium account, clients must acquire 50,000 USD in their MyAlpari. It’s a relatively large sum, compared to the minimum deposit for a standard account. However, the large list of bonuses clients can benefit from after they’ve become Premium users is well-worth the investment.

Alpari Forex Withdrawal

Withdrawing money from Alpari is extremely fast and easy to do. It takes about a day to process your request for credit card or electronic payment transfers option, and around 2 to 3 days for bank wire transfer. The transfer currencies they use are USD, EUR, CNY, and IDR. Commissions are low, and for withdrawals in CNY, the commission is zero for the first two trades of the month.

Alpari Forex Binary Options Typesalpari-binary-options

Alpari focuses on quick, easy trades. They offer a 30-second binary option for fast returns on your investment. Considering the very low minimum deposit amount, this platform is ideal for anyone who wants to jump straight into the Forex trading market. The process is highly transparent, and there are no hidden costs.

For binary options, Alpari also offers a King of the Hill contest. There are very many different categories in this competition. The criteria that determine the winner vary accordingly.

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Alpari Forex App

Since Alpari focuses a lot on making the trading experience as easy and as pleasant as possible for its clients, naturally, they also feature a mobile app that works both on Android and iOS. Apart from the MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 platforms, Alpari has developed its own platform, Alpari Binary Trading.

Alpari Forex Complaints

Customer satisfaction is one of the top concerns of Alpari. Their customer care services are top-notch and are always ready to answer their customer’s questions or address their complaints. You can contact them online, via email, or directly through their live chat option on their website. They are also ready to provide beginners with tips on how to get started if they are new to Forex trading.

Is Alpari Forex Legit or Scam?

With nearly 20 years of experience and over one million customers, Alpari is perhaps one of the most trustworthy Forex trading platforms out there. They have a genuine commitment to financial transparency and well-regulated business, not just when it comes to themselves, but also with respect to the industry as a whole.

Alpari Forex Pros and Cons

Alpari Forex Advantages

  • Very easy to use interface
  • Low minimum deposit
  • Possibility of a high return on investment
  • Plenty of bonuses and opportunities

Alpari Forex Disadvantages

  • Limited number of binary options
  • Not a lot of options when it comes to currencies
  • Just one type of basic account
  • Relatively difficult to access Premium account

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Successfully Trading with Alpari Forex

Alpari is an excellent choice when it comes to Forex Trading platforms, especially if you are new to the industry. It offers a wide array of practice tools and tutorials. The limited number of binary options can also be counted as a plus if you’re new to this field.

The fact that they also offer contests for demo users can add a little bit of excitement to the safe, risk-free process of learning how the Forex market operates. And with so many years of experience behind the company, you should absolutely consider Alpari as an option.

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